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Rebirth of 15th Street Park

The 15th Street Park re-opened on Saturday with a celebratory ceremony. With the new upgrades and the partnership with the news Police Department and community partners, it has become a welcoming and inviting magnet for neighborhood families.

"The park has a new play structure, sitting area, picnic tables, trash receptacles, and, of course, new art throughout the entire park," said Wasco Recreation and Parks District Manager Chris Serna.

She said residents can now engage in fun activities in the park, "like playing on the playground, playing basketball and enjoying the barbecue and shade structure to gather with family and friends."

Serna added that community members can unite and utilize the park as a social space. "They can come together by organizing events, creating activity groups, hosting workshops and classes, planning cultural celebrations and volunteering for park maintenance to help maintain and beautify the park. Engaging in collective efforts to care for the park fosters a sense of ownership and pride among residents."

She believes that increased community presence, engagement, physical activity and health, as well as a positive environment and police patrol partnerships, will help keep the park safe.

Serna also said that the park's re-opening allows children and their families to come out and enjoy family time, a time to gather with friends and a place to play, cook and relax, all within walking distance.

Rodrick Scott, Sr., co-chairman of the 15th Street Park Playground Committee, grew up near the park and said the re-opening was a community effort. "We all came together. When we heard they were planning to close the park, my brothers and I decided to step up and advocate for the park."

He said it would benefit the neighborhood's youth, "so the kids will be able to enjoy the park and make memories as I did when I was a kid."

Sandy Ruiz is a nearby resident. She said, "I love the mural. The park makes the neighborhood feel safer. It brings more life to the community."

Another resident, Vanessa Reza, added, "They did really nice with all their changes. I live near the park and plan to use it and bring my two children to play."

Local elected officials attended the ceremony, including Mayor Pro Tem Valentin Medina. He said, "It's great to be out here celebrating the re-opening of 15th Street Park. We appreciate all the efforts of Parks and Rec as well as the artist Leo Alvarez, who did a wonderful job on the mural. Lastly, we thank the community for its support. We look forward to seeing this park being enjoyed by our Wasco community."


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