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THE RACE FOR SUPERVISOR: Salvador Solorio-Ruiz

Salvador Solorio-Ruiz is running for 4th District supervisor.

Salvador Solorio-Ruiz has thrown his hat into the ring for the District 4 Supervisor race, looking to change the path of the county from status quo to a more involved community.

“The way things are now, there seems to be a disconnect between the community and its leadership. We need to change that, and I would be the perfect candidate to bring about that change.”

Solorio-Ruiz is Delano’s vice mayor, after becoming one of the youngest city council members in the county at the age of 24 when elected. Salvador grew up in Delano and received a BA in business administration.

Politics was not on the radar for Salvador when he was growing up. “I never thought about going into politics. I came back after college and started working for a nonprofit here in Kern County. I started getting involved in the community and I loved it, getting a passion for helping people.”

Solorio-Ruiz said that he believes that he is the right fit for the Supervisor position because he can get things done. “I don’t just talk the talk. I walk the walk. I would put my record up against anyone else in the race,” said Solorio-Ruiz.

Salvador said that he is out in the community all of the time in Delano, giving his constituents one thing that they want the most, which is inclusion. “People want to know that their leaders care about them, that they are really being heard. I don’t think that this is happening right now in the 4th District.”

A big issue in the spotlight currently is public safety, and Salvador said that he would fight for district residents to have the best law enforcement teams around. “I know from being involved in the community that public safety is a priority. I agree and would make sure that the 4th District is one of the safest in the county.”

Solorio-Ruiz said that he has a heart for the people he serves, which stems from the love that he has for family, and his struggles on his way to his current stage in life. “Our family has had its losses, but they have made us stronger, and I believe that I am who I am today because of those struggles.”

Salvador said that his parents immigrated here from Mexico around 40 years ago, giving them a chance at the American Dream. “My father was a field worker all of his life, and worked very hard for us. I intend to take his work ethic and apply it to this position, working for the residents in my district, fighting for every one of them and their needs.”


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