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North Kern Christian School nurtures minds, hearts and spirits

North Kern Christian School, founded in 1978 by the Wasco Mennonite Brethren Church, is dedicated to delivering high-quality education within a Christian setting, employing a curriculum rooted in Christian principles.

Sandy Armstrong has been the advisor for the Home Study Program since 1990. She started as a junior high teacher in 1980. "People here are like-minded and focused on providing the best Christian education," she explained. "It's a pleasure to go to work every day."

"It's a safe, nurturing environment. I also like that the students matter to the teachers. My three grandchildren attend here now."

Each subject is approached with the awareness that Jesus Christ should be central to living and learning. The NKCS program is designed to address students' intellectual, spiritual and social requirements.

Teacher-to-student ratios are small, with class sizes averaging about 10 students.

NKCS is a nondenominational private school that started as a K-8 school. They later added a preschool for ages 2 through 5 and a home study program for K-12.

"We have a rigorous academic program which prepares students for high school and college. Since we have a small teacher-to-student ratio, we can help children with learning difficulties as well as the general student population."

There is also after-school daycare to help working parents. Daycare providers assist with homework, facilitate enrichment activities and provide snacks for the children until their parents get off work.

NKCS students are afforded hands-on learning opportunities such as music, technology and robotics classes, exciting educational field trips, an extensive library, competitions with other Christian schools and weekly chapels.

"Our teaching philosophy is a traditional classical education, which has proven very effective as most of our 8th-grade graduates go on to honors classes in high school. Our test scores affirm the effectiveness of this teaching. We've had alumni that have gone on to very successful careers and who come back to thank the school for the great foundation it provided them."

Armstrong said the school doesn't seem to have the discipline problems found at larger schools. "The students seem to really care about each other. Maybe it's because they're following what the Bible teaches. When I'm on the campus, it's incredible that even the older kids are friendly and supportive of the younger ones."

She said the school is unique because there is close-knit support for the families. "We have a parent-teacher fellowship that plans activities so that the parents have opportunities to bond."

"That is a special thing. I feel blessed that my grandkids can go here. They're turning out to be amazing people, and I think the school has much to do with it. It's worth the price."

The school does not receive government funding, and relies on tuition and donations to pay the bills. Many of the students are on scholarships. "A lot of our families are low-income. But we are here to help parents who desire a Christian education for their children. We don't want to turn anyone away if we can help it."

Armstrong said if you are looking for a good quality education for your child, you should consider NKCS. "Your child's eternity is worth the investment."

For more information or to schedule an appointment to tour the campus and talk to an administrator, call 661 758-5997 or visit


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