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National honors for Truth Church Bible quizzers

A small, inspiring group of kids in Shafter, led by Truth Church Pastor Frank Cabrera, ascended to the stage of the National Bible Quizzing Tournament in Tulsa, Okla.

The Truth Church team has become a powerhouse of passion and commitment. Pastor Cabrera, himself a former Bible quizzer, embarked on a mission to nurture young minds in his community through the art of Bible quizzing.

Comprising members Delainey Wofford, a first-year quizzer, and Josiah Cabrera, in his second year, the team set out on a path of rigorous preparation. The team's trajectory significantly improved with the addition of Haden Reyez, who brought five years of experience from GBFPC Church in Bakersfield. This fusion of talent and dedication propelled the Shafter team into the upper echelons of the state's Bible quizzing arena.

In addition, Pastor Cabrera's 9-year-old daughter, Alayna Cabrera, a second-year quizzer, also joined forces with Bakersfield GBFPC's Junior Team in the Junior Division. Last year, Alayna was the Western Division's State Quizzer of the Year in the Beginner's Division.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Bible quizzing is a unique ministry that challenges young individuals age 5 to 18 to memorize Scripture. The endeavor demands commitment; junior-level participants, age 5 to 9, memorize a 179 verses, while those age 9 to 12 commit 292 verses to memory. The intermediate and advanced divisions take on an even greater challenge, memorizing 419 verses. This feat is achieved through hours of daily study, prayer and rigorous practice sessions, culminating in monthly state competitions.

The structure of Bible quizzing is as intricate as the scriptures themselves. Participants are tested on their comprehension of memorized verses, facing an array of questions that range from direct quotations to cross-referencing puzzles. The pursuit of excellence led the Truth Church Bible Quizzing Team to secure victory in two out of seven state tournaments, clinching second place in the remainder. Their journey culminated in a resounding victory at the Western Division's California State Championships.

The Shafter team embarked on their national journey to Tulsa. Undeterred by the formidable opponents that awaited them, the team's determination shone through as they navigated through the tournament bracket. Despite facing setbacks, they rebounded with an unwavering resolve that carried them to the brink of triumph.

The team's progress to the championship round was nothing short of astonishing. Each match unfolded with nail-biting suspense, often coming down to the final question. Under the captaincy of Delainey Wofford, the team advanced to the championship clash against Buford, Georgia. The tournament became a living embodiment of the Cinderella story, a testament to the power of faith and perseverance.

In the end, th team fell just shy of the ultimate victory, losing to Buford, Georgia. Nevertheless, their journey to the runner-up position at the National Tournament was nothing short of triumphant. Cabrera said that a quote from Muhammad Ali came to mind, "We are going to shock the world!", and these kids sure did.

Other outstanding accomplishments include Delaney Wofford not only earning the 2nd highest individual scorer of the National Tournament, but was also named Quizzer of the Year at both the State and National levels. Pastor Frank Cabrera was named Runner-Up Coach of the Year. Alayna Cabrera's combined Bakersfield / Shafter team placed 3rd in the Junior Division at the National Tournament, and Alayna earned several individual medals.

In January 2024, Truth Church Shafter will be hosting the State Novice Tournament for beginning quizzers in every division. For those interested in learning more about the Truth Church Bible Quizzing Ministry or becoming a part of the Bible Quizzing community, contact the pastor at 101 Beech Ave, and Facebook / Instagram tcshafter.


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