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2nd Hand Store offers 'semi-new' items at half off

If you are looking for affordable and gently used items for your family and home, Wasco 2nd Hand Store may help meet your tight budget and save money.

The owner, Maria Teresa Valdez, comes from Jalisco, Mexico, where she owned a clothing store and a fruit and vegetable market.

"Ever since living in Mexico before getting married, we always had small businesses. When I came to Wasco in 1995, I wanted to continue that."

In March of 2003, she realized her goal.

She said she has a little bit of everything in her store, such as appliances, electronics, furniture, home decorations, clothes, shoes and baby items.

She buys most of her merchandise from private homes when families move away.

"They call me, and I visit to pick the best for sale. I also buy a lot of my merchandise at yard sales at a discounted price to pass on those savings to my customers."

She said the advantage of owning her own business over the years is that she could work around her children's school schedule.

Valdez runs the store on her own but gets help from her three children, Karla, Alondra and Miguel, and her husband, Gil. All of her children graduated from Wasco High School.

She likes the small-town feel in Wasco and said it reminds her of her hometown in Mexico.

"The people are very welcoming," she said.

Being a business owner is very rewarding, and she enjoys it very much.

"I love socializing with clients and providing good customer service. That satisfies me. When they come to my store, I want them to leave happy."

She said customers tell her she has good taste in the items she buys and resells.

"I offer quality items that are in good condition. My prices are accessible, and most of my clients are farm workers with limited incomes, but I also have many others just looking for a good deal."

"I have semi-new things, and people can come to me to save money versus paying full price. I try to price things at half off than what they would buy full price at another store."

She is grateful for the community that has embraced her and her business so well and said Wasco has a special place in her heart.

"Since I opened my doors, it wasn't easy for me, but thankfully, because of my clients, I was able to move forward and make my dream a reality."

2nd Hand Store, 642 F St., is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m to 6 p.m. To find the latest deals, visit Facebook (Wasco 2nd Hand Store) or call 661-747-0185.


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