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School districts vary in spending progress in emergency covid money

Each school district in California received a portion of over $5 billion in emergency funding to

help repair the state’s educational system and get the students back on track after the covid crisis

that saw students suffer setbacks in learning.

One of the highest allotments went to the Kern High School District, which received over $106

million. This funding is going to extended hours of learning, more extensive summer school

programs, tutoring, and a host of other programs that are aimed at getting the students caught up

in their progress.

With over 30 schools in the district, it is not clear what portion of that money is earmarked for

Shafter High School. As a whole, the district has spent $26 million of earmarked funds.

The Richland School District was allotted $11.1 million. The state requires at least 20% of the

money be spent on what they call Student Loss Recovery – programs designed to help students

catch up.

Richland has so far spent $4.3 million of this money, 38% of the total. But, with $4.08 million

being spent in the “general” category, only $186,000 of the money has been spent specifically on

the Student Loss Recovery effort, a little over 8% of their allotted amount.

Numerous attempts to contact Superintendent Rosa Romero have gone unanswered, as well as

calls to Richland Finance Director Martin Rodriguez .

Locally, Rio Bravo Greeley School District was allotted $1.24 million, which has all been spent.

In Wasco, the Wasco Union Elementary School District received an allotment of $15.3 million,

with $5.2 million of that spent. About $3 million of the spent money was earmarked for the

Student Loss Recovery programs.

GROW Academy in Shafter was allotted $1.3 million, with $1.2 million spent so far.

The districts have to have earmarked the money allotted to them by September 2024, with actual

expenditures by Jan. 1, 2025.


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