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Richland students, parents busy this spring

Richland School District students were on hand to cheer on their parents for a change, as parents of English language learners received their graduation certificates for completing the PIQE program that enables them to help their English learner students in their educational journey.

Golden Oak provides the students with the tools they need to be successful in life. The parents that graduated from PIQE attended 14 classes to learn how to support their children in early literacy. The children of these parents were on hand to celebrate their accomplishments with them as they walked across the stage. The parents learned skills to help their students learn and what they can do to help with the process.

Also at Richland schools, the Redwood 5th graders traveled to Los Angeles to visit the California Science Center. This center is a world-class educational resource and family destination featuring hands-on exhibits and inquiry-based education programs serving a diverse community of learners. The students were able to look at a large number of exhibits including the Space Shuttle Endeavor and a number of marine-life exhibits.

Redwood students had a great time learning about the different exhibits in the museum. They also had a lunch before heading back to Shafter, giving the students a chance to talk about the variety of things that they learned on the trip.


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