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Clinic offers free spay and neuter clinic

The SNIP spay and neuter bus was back in town on Thursday. Last year, the city received a $288,000 grant allowing monthly visits for the next three years.

"It's great for our community and helps reduce the stray population," Public Works Director Luis Villa said.

He encourages pet owners to get their animals fixed because it is free of charge and can potentially benefit the health of their pets.

"These events make an impact by reducing the workload on our animal control officers," he said.

Cheyenne Jimenez has been a vet assistant prep technician with the clinic for three years. She enjoys assisting people who can't afford the regular cost of spay and neutering.

"It's good because it helps control the population of pets. It's also good for the animal because it enables them to live longer and gives them healthier lives," Jimenez said.

The SNIP bus treats an average of 40 to 50 animals at each event.

"We travel four to five times a week to cities like Delano, McFarland, Shafter, Bakersfield, Lake Isabella, Tehachapi, Mojave and Boron."

There is a team of six.

"Together, we have a lot of experience, and I'm grateful that we are making a difference."

Jazmin Almaraz brought her dog, Frijolin, to get neutered.

"I care about him. He's like part of the family. I want him safe and healthy."

Connie Maldonado said she doesn't want her dog Sophie to have babies. She appreciated that the service was free.

"It helps me because I am on a fixed income. This service saves me money I could use for things like gas and food."

Rose Navarro came with her dog Lanita.

"I read about the program on the Wasco Tribune website and wanted to take advantage of it. I think it's a great program for the community because being a pet owner can get expensive. I was a little nervous for her, but I trust she was in good hands."

Wasco requires a dog license, and animal control officer Fidel Lara, Jr. was on hand to help with that.

"For $16, you can register your dog with the city. It's important to get your license because if the dog is lost and found, reuniting the dog back home is easier," Lara said.

The next clinic is scheduled for Friday, April 28. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 925-788-1763 or visit


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