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Trial date to be set for alleged shooter

Elijah Sanchez, 21, will appear in court again on Monday, March 13, to get a trial date after pleading not guilty to an attempted murder charge..

Sanchez was arrested on Feb. 9, after the Shafter Police Department responded to a call of shots fired near the Starbucks in Shafter.

Sanchez allegedly shot Javier Munoz of Shafter in the head. Both Sanchez and Munoz have gang tattoos, although Munoz told authorities that he had left the gang life years ago. According to court documents, Sanchez yelled a gang affiliation at Munoz before pulling the gun and starting to fire. Munoz fell and then started to run when he said that his body went numb, realizing that he had been shot. He was able to get away from Sanchez, and the suspect fled when the officer arrived.

Also according to documents, Sanchez told officers on the scene that he was the man that they were looking for. “I couldn’t even fight the case if I wanted to,” Sanchez was quotes as saying. The shooting occurred in daylight and was witnessed by multiple people, including a police officer.


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