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A heartfelt goodbye to Rob Cobb

The community came out on Friday to celebrate the life of a great man, Robert (Rob) Cobb. It was a moving tribute to a lifelong educator that contributed much to the city of Wasco.

Pastor Dave Moorhead welcomed and prayed with those in attendance.

"We want to celebrate him. It's an honor to Rob and an honor to his family. We are grateful we had him and how he touched our lives."

He said of the service, "I think it is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It was special because it was obvious that Rob's friends shared their heart and love for him."

"I was his pastor for 11 years, and I would describe him as humble, faithful and a visionary. He was warm and accepting. He pulled people in towards himself, so nobody ever felt excluded."

Wasco Union High School District Acting Superintendent Kevin Tallon thanked the Board of Trustees for their leadership during this challenging time.

"He will be greatly missed. He impacted many lives. His impact will never be forgotten."

A dear friend, Chip Appel, shared his feelings.

"I will remember him by his loyalty, friendship and by his example of being a husband and a father. I am just thankful I got to meet him and that God brought our lives together."

He said the message he wanted to leave for everyone was that you can't do life alone.

"Life was designed to be lived in community. I know the Cobb family has experienced the richness of community here in Wasco. My life has been incredibly enriched by the Cobb family and that's all thanks to God.

"I thought it was a wonderful way to remember a wonderful life. It makes me really sad but really happy at the same time."

Rob's daughter, Hannah, her sister Sarah, and family friend Dan Coveney sang "Amazing Grace."

Hannah said, "My dad chose the song to the tune of 'House of the Rising Sun.' He loved both songs, but he loved rock music more, so he loved that version."

She said what most brought her joy about the service was seeing the outpour of the community.

"I was overwhelmed by all of the love and support we were given. The love that everyone gave my father was overwhelming. There is no right way to do this. I just want to say thank you."

Other members of the educational community were present.

Wasco Independence High School Principal Rusvel Prado said, "What I will most miss about Rob was his positive presence. Anytime he walked on campus or anywhere, he always put a smile on your face."

"He was always there for everybody, no matter the time or day. He was a man of faith and integrity and never faulted. Rob loved the lord and led his life like that every single day."

Sunni Dobbs worked very closely with him as the principal of WHS.

"He was always patient, wanting you to learn and grow. He was an assertive leader. In the classroom, he was innovative, and he always engaged his students so they would have the desire to learn."

"We were blessed to work under him. It is something that will always be a gift to me."

Christina Salinas worked with Rob in the district office.

"He was a great leader and mentor who cared a lot about the students and staff at WHS. Rob had a great sense of humor and brought that to the office atmosphere. On Fridays, he would pull out his guitar and sing for us."

His wife, Keri, shared her own thoughts..

"It was a blessing to have so many family, friends and co-workers turn out to celebrate Rob's life. It is my prayer that the service honored God, Rob and the wonderful community of people who have loved and supported us through his journey with cancer."


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