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Taking walks to better health

If you happen to see a gentleman walking his way through the streets of Shafter any weekday morning, it is a good bet that you have met up with local historian, farmer, and owner of the Shafter Press, Stan Wilson. Wilson and his wife Nancy started an effort to improve their overall health, including the heart, endurance and overall fitness.

Nancy said that they started the effort over a year ago, and it includes watching what they eat and exercise. "Stan has lost about 40 pounds since we started this, and his blood pressure and overall health are a lot better than before starting the regimen.

"He doesn't follow any strict program guidelines or anything, a lot it is just common sense."

Nancy said that they had tried Weight Watchers years ago, and Stan is using it as a sort of guide, but they are not following the full program.

"Awhile ago, we just decided it was time to take better care of ourselves, wanting to watch our grandkids grow up," added Wilson.

Stan makes his rounds around town each morning, walking a little over two miles, doing errands and taking care of business along the way. Wilson said that while they are over at the coast, he walks even more. "When we are at the beach, Stan will walk around six miles a day."

This is proof that you don't have to go crazy on a different diet regimen, or hitting the gym every day. Sometimes, all it takes is some common sense and some willpower.


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