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Residents drop off bulk waste at event

Residents hauled their bulky waste to the Shafter Aquatic Center last Saturday, ready to dispose of it.

The City of Shafter, Kern County Public Works, and American Refuse teamed up to hold the event.

Residents brought their appliances, E-waste, mattresses, and much more that would otherwise be taken to the landfills.

"This event helps residents as well as the city and county workers, making sure this waste gets disposed of properly," said Lynnda Martin, of American Refuse.

Bulky items, such as appliances and mattresses, often times end up getting dumped illegally, with those attempting to get rid of them not knowing where to take the items. An opportunity to dump these items free of charge helps eliminate illegal dumping.

Trucks were lined up waiting for the waste, as residents drove through and dumped the items into the correct bins, each one housing a different material, such as a specific bin for computers, televisions, printers, and another for mattresses, furniture, and appliances. It was estimated that there would be over two tons of waste collected at the event, with the majority of it going to recycling stations.

By the end of this year, residents are going to see their alley way bins being replaced with individual bins for each resident, each one responsible for their own waste. This change will be explained in upcoming literature that will be sent out to residents, city officials said, letting them know what will be expected out of each resident. There will also be specific guidelines regarding organic waste, with residents being expected to separate their waste accordingly, be it green waste, paper waste, and household trash.


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