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By Pastor Pat Coyle
Mennonite Brethren Church, Shafter 

Pastor's Corner: Seeing through the fog


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For the past couple of weeks there have been "dense fog" alerts on my phone's weather app. With that in mind, each morning I've looked out the window of my home to see if it's foggy or clear. Although many mornings have been clear, there have been a few with pretty thick fog for our area.

As we look back on this past year it may feel like we've been living in a "fog" since the first changes happened due to covid-19. As many medical experts shared their insights concerning the pandemic, after awhile we probably all thought the same thing; they really don't know for sure (kind of like my weather app). Of course, that's understandable in that the world has never seen anything quite like this virus and even experts have limited perspective.

It has certainly been a different and challenging year on many fronts and unfortunately, the "fog" hasn't quite lifted just yet. Let me encourage all of us as we begin 2021 to remember that the Lord's ability to "see" is not limited by covid-19 or any other issue that may impact our world. He always sees clearly and knows exactly what the future holds.

As we begin a new year I hope we'll find comfort, strength and encouragement in knowing that the Lord is in full control of what we see (or don't see) happening in our world. He is a loving, sovereign and ever-present God who is still at work building His kingdom in and through His people, the Church. May 2021 bring us not only a new year, but also a renewed vision for who God is and what He's doing in and through our lives!

Pat Coyle is pastor of the Mennonite Brethren Church in Shafter.


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