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Wasco Realty puts customers first

The owners of Wasco Realty, at 116 Annin Avenue, put their clients' needs first.

Owners Eric and Mary Flores conduct their real estate business in a different way than most Realtors.

"If I don't think someone should buy a house, I will tell them," Mary Flores said. "I'm always looking out for my customer first."

Mary Flores is the broker for the small office tucked away on Annin. If you drive too quickly, you could drive right by it. It is located right on the corner of Annin and Highway 46 immediately after turning the corner. In order to get to the front door, you must walk around the parking lot to the other side of the building. The front door faces Highway 46.

Mary Flores is from Tulare County while Eric is from Wasco and a WHS graduate.

They met at a dance and since that time, began dating. Eric worked in retail as a store manager; but due to an accident (he broke his leg in three places), he was unable to continue in his old position. Now, he is the transaction coordinator at the real estate office.

Their office is responsible for leasing out the new six buildings recently constructed on Highway 46. Each unit has 1,000 square feet. Three of the buildings have already been prepared for leasing – a Domino's Pizza, health store and a Mexican restaurant. If anyone is interested in viewing the buildings, they are located at Griffith and Highway 46. Contact Mary Flores at 240-5133.

Wasco Real Estate is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mary Flores also mentioned that during the 2008 recession when property values dropped, she recommended to a friend not to buy any property at that time; however, her friend didn't listen and made the purchase anyway.

"Many Realtors think about their pocket," Mary said. "But, I try to help the client out and will forget about my commission if the customer is treated fairly."

Mary's goal is to always treat everyone with dignity and fairness.

As Mary wheels and deals, Eric maintains the office and takes care of all the paperwork.

Mary and Eric are collectors. Mary said that years ago, she worked in the office and former City Council member Cheryl Wegman worked in the office with her. "Cheryl has old WHS yearbooks that we used to have in our office," Mary said. "I think she might still have them. Maybe the Historical Society could use them."

Mary and Eric both are clear that their allegiance lies in Wasco and both are proud of where they live.

"A lot of people stop by our office just to chat," she said. "We love it when people visit. The door is always open."


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