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Promotional feature: Recycle, reduce and re-use for holidays


December 20, 2018 | View PDF

Courtesy of American Refuse

Contaminated with plastic on it.

From American Refuse

Blue cart

--Please remove any Styrofoam or plastic from boxes -- they go in the trash. Cardboard goes in the blue!

--Wrapping paper goes in the blue if it is not metallic or glittery.

--Please do not put aluminum bakeware in the blue cart with food waste, as it will contaminate the dry/clean recyclables

--Please keep out bad Christmas lights or used toys from blue cart!

--Have used clothing? Take it to a donation center. They do not get recycled in the blue cart!

Gift giving

--If shipping, try to consolidate shipments. Please put your cardboard in the blue bin.

--If buying, try and choose the item with less wasteful packaging (single-use plastic wrap).

--Give a re-useable water bottle or mug for a gift. Ditch the Styrofoam or plastic bottle.

--Give re-useable grocery bags. Plastic grocery bags must go in the trash and cannot be recycled.

When shopping, bring your re-useable bags!

--Sending cards? Use ones that don't have extra glitter or items on them, so they can be recycled.

Can you buy an "experience"? Gift cards to a movie, concert, cooking class?


Courtesy of American Refuse

Cardboard in the blue / plastic in the trash.

Please recycle your Christmas tree! American Refuse will have a roll-off with the City of Shafter, so you can recycle your Christmas tree. This is a FREE service! [END ITAL]Please do not throw your tree in the trash or on the side of the road. When purchasing, remember that flocked trees cannot be recycled; they have to go in the trash. [BEGIN ITAL]Tree recycling will begin Wednesday, Dec. 26 through part of January. Drop station is at the corner of Shafter Avenue and Tulare Street, south of the City of Shafter yard. Please make sure that all ornaments, lights and tinsel is removed from your tree before dropping it off.

After your meal with family and friends, please discard food scraps in organics or compost them if you have either of those! Or store your food with re-useable containers for another meal.


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