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  • Pastor's Corner: Time to press on

    Pastors Jose and Beverly Perrillo, Home Fellowship Church, Shafter|Updated Jun 14, 2022

    As we start each new year, many of us make resolutions and set goals to improve our lives personally, financially, spiritually or in terms of our health or relationships. Even in the least chaotic years, those good intentions are long forgotten by the time we get to June, halfway through the year. These days, with prices rising and stress levels rising even faster, most of us are either too distracted or too discouraged to even think about fulfilling our potential. Just getting back to “normal” (whatever that means) is as hig...

  • Pastor's Corner: An opportunity for love

    Pastor Frank Cabrera, Truch Church|Updated Jan 29, 2022

    The other day, I was purchasing food at a local store and couldn’t believe the amount of rudeness I received from the attendant. I was having a wonderful day and had greeted her pleasantly, with a smile. I asked myself the question, why is she being so rude to me? Did I say something wrong? Did I somehow intimidate her? Many times, in these scenarios, we respond in the following ways: Respond back, rudely. Ask, “Why are you being so rude?” Ask for another attendant. Ask for a manager. Submit a complaint However, this time,...

  • Pastor's Corner: Getting Closer to God

    Pastor Steve Dobbs, Community Circle Church, Shafter|Updated Sep 8, 2021

    SW Pastors Corner Steve Dobbs 9-2-2021 My wife and I just spent two weeks in the mountains in Frazier Park. Those that know me well know I am not an outdoors person. So why did I take two weeks of vacation from my job to spend in a place I would not normally go? The answer is simple. The Pentecostal Church of God has their annual summer camp for kids, junior high and high school ages. The camp this year was truly amazing. We had churches from McFarland to San Diego. We all had...

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