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Pastor's Corner: Getting Closer to God

SW Pastors Corner

Steve Dobbs


My wife and I just spent two weeks in the mountains in Frazier Park. Those that know me well know I am not an outdoors person. So why did I take two weeks of vacation from my job to spend in a place I would not normally go?

The answer is simple. The Pentecostal Church of God has their annual summer camp for kids, junior high and high school ages. The camp this year was truly amazing. We had churches from McFarland to San Diego. We all had one purpose in mind, seeing kids of all ages have life changing experiences and get closer to God.

We saw kids who have rarely been to church and never been to a church camp joining in and praising God for the first time in their life. Relationships were formed that will last a lifetime. Kids showed up worried, anxious, and even hopeless. God showed up and relieved many of those worries.

My hope is that after reading this you are encouraged to get involved in the next few months and help send a student to church camp next year. I know many of the local churches in our area participate in summer church camps.

As a pastor I would love to see every kid in the Shafter/Wasco area that wants to attend one of these summer church camps have the opportunity to do so. I believe that we as a community can step up and help our students and their families do just that. I believe that our next generation is well worth the investment -- don’t you?


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