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  • About the O&B

    Orange and Black|Updated Mar 19, 2020

    The Orange and Black is the student newspaper at Wasco High School. It is produced by the Journalism Club, with junior Natalie Guerrero as editor and teacher Kathleen Bradley advising. Content is provided to the Tribune, which is responsible for the design of the page....

  • A Spotlight on talented drama students

    Marco Espinoza, Orange and Black|Updated Mar 19, 2020

    The Spotlight festival is an annual drama festival held at CSUB. Schools present a short 10-minute play to present in front of other schools. The best performance gets recognized at the end of the day and is given an award. Isaiah Santana, Isaiah Steward and Izzy Grace Diaz performed "The Secret Origins of Mojo Man" and received grand applause. There also were other award categories such as costume design, monologues and script writing. Students also may attend a workshop of...

  • Girls win big as soccer season ends

    Rafael Viscarra, Orange and Black|Updated Mar 19, 2020

    It appears that soccer season has come and gone. With long practices in the cold and intense games, our teams deserve a rest. Their accomplishments further prove this point. The girls soccer team here at Wasco High won SSL for the first time! What a tremendous accomplishment! The Orange and Black would like to congratulate the girls and their coaches for the win. Keep up the good work. The boy's soccer team pulled through the season and ended with a game against Shafter on...

  • The event of the season

    Natalie Guerrero, Orange and Black staff|Updated Mar 19, 2020

    If you've ever wondered what a high school formal dance looked like, you may have looked to movies Pretty in Pink, The Kissing Booth, 10 Things I Hate About You and countless other classics, but do real life dances live up to the hype? Is the formal everything you've dreamed of? Can you be a Molly Ringwald or a Heath Ledger? How magical is [BEGIN ITAL]magical?[END ITAL] It finally arrived, Wasco High's Snowball, with its glimmering dresses and finely pressed suits. It was...

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