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Snowball a night to remember at WHS

If you've ever wondered what a high school formal dance looked like, you may have looked to movies Pretty in Pink, The Kissing Booth, 10 Things I Hate About You and countless other classics, but do real life dances live up to the hype? Is the formal everything you've dreamed of? Can you be a Molly Ringwald or a Heath Ledger? How magical is [BEGIN ITAL]magical?[END ITAL]

It finally arrived, Wasco High's Snowball, with its glimmering dresses and finely pressed suits. It was thumping music and flailing limbs, toes being trampled upon, students being lifted and hair extensions flung around -- all of which were captured on film. All that is great, but was it magical? Maybe for a few students, our prom king and queen, Haylee Nunez and Eduardo Saldaña, or the winners of Best Dressed, Juan Martinez and Michelle Zapien. They had their movie moments, and I dare to wish that they felt like movie stars. What if you were just a face in the crowd? Did your moments mean any less?

Maybe it wasn't finally getting the girl. Maybe there wasn't a magical kiss or a slow dance. But there was fun. There was jumping and hype, and dancing, and joy. There was laughter, and loud music that you could feel vibrate in your chest, and beyond the feet aching, and the heat, there was clarity. There were good vibes and glee, and people just experiencing high school.

It doesn't have to be what you see on the silver screen. So maybe the dance wasn't picture perfect, but it was real, and those real moments make the best memories.

To everyone who attended, I hope you had the grandest time. If you didn't go, we hope to see you there next time around, whether it's next winter or at Last Blast. Laugh, dance and have fun. Things like this are more than worth it. They're something you can't put a price on -- they're priceless. So, grab your friends or dates, or go alone, and make memories. Create your own movie moment; don't wait for it to happen to you.


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