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Grocery Outlet celebrates one year

It was a special day for Grocery Outlet owners Amor Regis and James Sauco as they celebrated the first anniversary of their store with a festive pop-up event on Saturday. The occasion was marked by a lively community gathering with music, food and raffles, reflecting the strong bond they've tried to build with their customers over the past year.

"I am blessed because people have supported us since day one, and it was a good turnout. Some people even brought their folding chairs because they wanted to celebrate with us," Regis said.

Many vendors participated in selling various goods, such as plants, jewelry, makeup, sports jerseys, crocheted items, organic bar soaps, pens, cups and wood burning and engraving crafts.

"Radio Lobo came with music for the crowd. Bobo the Millennium clown made animal balloons, and his wife painted the faces of the kids. It was a very festive environment," she said.

There were free tacos and $1 hot dogs, with proceeds going to the Orange Heart Foundation. After the event, random gift baskets were given to select customers, along with free reusable shopping bags.

The event recognized the store's significant milestones over the last year. The highlight for Regis? "Connecting with the community. We have supported the Wasco Recreation and Parks District, Wasco Union Elementary School District, Wasco Animal Shelter, a Rose Queen, and various food banks in collaboration with local churches, where we have donated and fundraised for them."

Regis said she has been lucky with her employees. "My staff is my treasure. They are like family. They are all local. Without them, we would not be successful. I love my staff."

Cynthia Vega works at the store. "It's been great because they're really good people to work with. They are very great operators and owners."

She's enjoyed watching the team grow. "Everybody who is working here has started from the beginning. We've been the same employees since we opened."

The best part for her is interacting with the customers. "We have a lot of loyal clients, and a lot of our regulars we know by name, and they know us."

One of those customers is Steve Saso. "I absolutely love that place. I first went because I wanted to get good prices, but then the staff treated me like a guest as if I already knew them. They are the most personable people."

When asked how he would rate his shopping experience, he said, "If there was a chart from one to ten, ten being the best, I would give them an 11."


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