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Volunteers take on neighborhood cleanup

Councilmembers Valentin Medina and Eddie Saldaña of the Wasco Task Force led a team of almost 30 excited volunteers on Saturday morning in a cleanup effort focused on the newly renovated South Gate Park and surrounding neighborhood.

"It was a great turnout. We had councilmembers, city staff, members of the Orange Heart Foundation, students, residents and Walmart representatives that came who cared about making a difference," Medina said.

"We collected about 20 large bags of trash. We had 26 volunteers for 26 work hours. We cleaned three alleys, two vacant big lots, and streets along the way, mowed weeds and used weed eaters."

Saldaña added, "Communities thrive when individuals unite for a common cause. Our decision as the Wasco Task Force to host this clean-up event stemmed from wanting to engage with the community to beautify and create a more vibrant environment for all. Together, we're not just cleaning up trash; we're building a culture of care, responsibility and pride in our community."

Traci Clendenen of the Orange Heart Foundation said, "Today was a great summer kickoff community cleanup day with people of all ages, kids and families coming out to serve our community."

"The best part was seeing the production in our hour. The progress was impressive. It makes me happy to see the residents in the community saying thank you for doing this. Even if we are not doing a cleanup in our own neighborhood, it's still all our town."

Evelyn Murillo said initiatives like this are essential and a great way to make the community look better. She also brought her daughter Ivory. "She is a Wasco Bengal cheerleader; she should be involved in the community and starting them young is good."

Focusing on a neighborhood like this is especially critical for Cesar Montes because "Hopefully, it could motivate the neighborhood to do their part in keeping it clean and know that there are people who care and want to keep their neighborhood clean."

Members of the Walmart team volunteered. Fabian L. said, "Today was pretty successful. The community came out and really came together to make a big difference. We're always happy to give a helping hand with whatever is needed. Wherever the store is located, we help local and surrounding towns."

Medina added, "This was our second cleanup, and we are looking to make this a monthly event. We hope to continue increasing our volunteer count. We also hope to build our Wasco Task Force, which is meant to get community involvement and tackle local issues that matter to our community. If you are interested, we invite you to come out the last Thursday of each month at the City Council Chambers at 6 p.m."

For more information about joining the Wasco Task Force or about volunteering for the next cleanup event, call 661-567-2514.


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