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In Wasco, a community celebration of culture and joy

The St. John the Evangelist Catholic Parish Cinco de Mayo Festival was a joyous occasion. With live entertainment, an array of mouth-watering authentic Mexican dishes, refreshing drinks and children's games, there was something for everyone.

Councilmember Gilberto Reyna is president of the church council and spearheaded the event. "The festival was a success, and it was a good turnout. We had a large crowd. They enjoyed spending a festive afternoon with their friends and loved ones, and many expressed their desire to attend future events."

He described the energy of the day. "The live entertainers and our DJ played lively music, and children and adults joyfully danced to the rhythms. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and excitement as everyone enjoyed the delicious food and refreshing drinks. The kids also had a blast with the many games available."

Reyna said festival participants paid extra attention to ensure they celebrated Mexican culture authentically. "Our parish group volunteers, many in their colorful, typical Mexican dresses, decorated their food booths with a Cinco de Mayo theme. The regional music and songs, carefully selected to evoke a traditional Mexican fiesta's festiveness, further underscored our commitment to an authentic celebration of Mexican culture."

It was Elizabeth Nevarez's first time attending the festival, and she said she appreciated the efforts put into organizing the event. "I feel like a lot of hard work went into it. It's very welcoming. I think they did a great job of incorporating our culture with the music, the food, the environment. This was their way of inviting not only people from our faith but maybe people that don't practice our faith. It was a way to bring us all together."

It was a foodie's delight, with a large selection of food, including tacos de asada and al pastor, Mexican corn on the cob, flautas, aguas frescas, fruit cocktails, quesadillas, esquicitas, pupusas and desserts.

Joe Dominguez from the Knights of Columbus was there selling French fries, cheese fries and chili cheese fries. "We sold 100 pounds of potatoes. Last year, we sold 50, and next year, we'll sell 150."

St. John's Women's Society sold desserts. Rachel Gonzalez said, "I love it. I'm always looking forward to it every year. It's all volunteer work, and the money raised goes back to the church. I like to volunteer. It makes me feel good. Giving back to the church is nothing compared to what they give me."


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