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Event brings pets, new families together

It was an afternoon made for animal lovers at the "Don't Shop, Adopt" Free Adoption Friday event hosted by the City of Wasco Animal Control department last week. Lucky four-legged friends found a new home, while new owners found a new member of the family.

Osvaldo Alfaro came early. "I wanted to get a little one. His name is Rocky. Mariana [Montes] from the shelter said he loves kisses and is affectionate. My kids are going to love him. I'm excited for them to see him. They don't even know I came. I can't wait for them to play and grow up with him since he's just a puppy."

Evelyn Salgado also adopted a pet and said she looks forward to making new memories with her animal. "Like taking her on trips, showing her tricks and playing with her. It's going to be fun bonding with her, and I'm so grateful my mom gave me permission to adopt her."

Jill Marsh from Bella Vita Rescue stopped by and thought the event was a great idea. "I'm glad they're doing this out here. It's amazing they had so much success today."

Rigoberto Figueroa is an animal control officer. "These dogs are going to find forever homes. Events like this are important because they clear up space in the shelter. That is critical because it allows us to pick up more strays and get dogs off the street, preventing them from getting run over and from [contracting] illnesses. It also protects the community by preventing bites and attacks on other dogs or cats."

Mariana Montes, from the shelter, was happy with the adoption program. "What I enjoy most about these events is finding a perfect home for all these dogs. It relieves stress for the dogs. They can also be great companions for the owners, and overall, it's just good for them to have a home and love, care and support."

The event was held at Grocery Outlet. Owner Amor Regis said, "I decided to offer my location to host the event because I love animals. I have four dogs and having dogs in my house completes my household. It brings me joy, and I wanted to make that happiness available to the community."

Figueroa said the next adoption event is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, May 3, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Grocery Outlet, 1650 Hwy 46. There will be no adoption fee or criteria except for an ID, such as a driver's license. Dogs come neutered/spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. For more information, call 661-758-7240.


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