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WHS program encourages positive student performance

Wasco High School has an incentive program designed to inspire student achievement called STRIPES. Focused on positive reinforcement, students are taking away the message of showing respect, doing the right thing, focusing in class and being involved on campus, among other things.

In its second year of the program, over 89% of the student body received at least one stripe of recognition from school leadership.

In September 2022, WHS rolled out the program to highlight positive student performance. STRIPES was created to reward students who excel in various categories of campus life. Administration wanted to encourage students in behaviors that will benefit them throughout their time at Wasco High and into their lives beyond high school. It has become a valuable component of the culture at Wasco High as students work hard to realize the goals of meeting the STRIPES. criteria:

S - Show respect. Following directions the first time, doing the right thing, respecting others/property.

T - Technologically responsible.Bringing charger and charged Chromebook to class, following cell phone policy.

R - Ready for college and career. Visiting the Career Center, focusing in class, meeting with counselor.

I - Involved on campus. Joining a club or sport, making rally posters, participating in dress-up days,

P - Prompt and present. Being seated and ready to work when the bell rings, having no tardies,

E - Engaged learner. Coming prepared with all needed materials, asking questions, participating in class.

S - Service minded. Throwing away trash, leaving classroom clean, helping others, opening doors.

Faculty, teachers and staff present students with STRIPES. tickets when they are recognized for meeting at least one of the criteria. Students are then entered into a weekly drawing.

One winner from each grade is selected, and they can choose from items such as STRIPES swag (t-shirts, pens, hats) or off-campus lunch privileges for one week, or a one-week fast-pass to the cafeteria or student store.

In December and May, an end of the semester drawing will occur, and students will choose from a free ticket to a Wasco High dance, a free yearbook and a pair of Airpods or gift cards. One staff member is also drawn from all who submitted STRIPES for the month, and are awarded STRIPES. merchandise item as well.

The most recent staff winner is Amanda Rodriguez. “Giving out STRIPES. to my students is so gratifying! I love being able to reward them for small things that may have gone unnoticed in the past,” she said.

WHS Principal Rusvel Prado commented, “We are thrilled to see the incredible momentum our STRIPES program has gained since its inception. Our dedicated staff has truly excelled in implementing this initiative, fostering a culture of positivity and encouragement throughout our campus. The program serves as a powerful tool for recognizing and reinforcing positive behaviors among our students.”


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