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From Inglewood to Wasco: A coach building champions

In the dynamic realm of football, where strategies evolve and victories are crafted through innovation, Wasco High School varsity football Head Coach Chad Martinez shines. Known for connecting with his players extremely well and for his attention to detail, under his leadership, those skills propelled his team forward into greatness – including playing in the State Championship game last year.

He is originally from Inglewood, in the center of Los Angeles. "I grew up there. I played football. It was a way for me to focus and helped me develop into the man I've become. Football gave me the drive to improve academically and athletically."

Martinez was a three-year starter at Hamilton High School. After that, he went to Fresno State University and played football. When he was done playing, he transitioned into teaching with a dream of coaching.

"I started at Washington Union High School in Fresno. Shortly after, at the end of the season, I got married, which prompted my move further down South near the Wasco area."

He then continued to teach math and coached at Delano High. "After two years at Delano, I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to come to Wasco in 2017. I have been here ever since. I have been a math teacher and coach the whole time."

In 2017, he took over the Wasco football program on an interim basis, which meant the previous coach left in the middle of the season. "I was young. I didn't really know how to do a lot of things in terms of being a head coach, but I knew my passion for the game and building young men would help push me in the right direction."

He said he's learned so much since he's been here. "I can't take all of the credit. I have to give a lot of credit to the support staff, including coaches and administration. They supported me extremely well and allowed me to grow as a head coach."

"My years of experience outside of Wasco coupled with their own football experience has proved to be a potent combination since taking over the program."

"Last year's team went on an incredible run to the State Championship, but we have had some outstanding teams in my tenure. "

In 2018, WHS football made a semifinals appearance. In 2021, they beat a Division 1 program and were one of the best teams in the section, Martinez said.

"Last year, we accomplished a lot of Wasco High history. We earned another Section title. We earned the school's first-ever State Regional title and the school's first appearance in a State Championship game."

He said last year's team accomplished all these accolades despite being sophomore-heavy.

"We were a young team throughout the beginning of the season, but developed into a hard-nosed football team. I have to give tons of credit and major props to my offensive coordinator, Joseph Dominguez. He and I are perfectly complementary coaches."

He thinks the team is hungry to continue the success of last year's team.

"We are in a prime position to do so. Our sophomores have played 15 games, a season and a half of varsity football. They will be young next year but are extremely driven to bring home a State f

Finals championship."

Martinez is excited about the future.

"We look forward to continuing to represent the high school at the highest level, and we appreciate the support from the community."


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