Serving the community since 1970

Glad Raggs still finding treasures

Glad Raggs has been a mainstay in the Shafter community for almost 40 years, giving the residents of Shafter and the surrounding communities a variety of treasures, be they furniture, antiques or other items that bring a sense of nostalgia.

Owner Ronnie Carroll has been at the helm of the business, leading the store in its mission of bringing Shafter a rich history that will remain with families for generations.

The store has a wide variety of furniture, with an array of bedroom sets, dressers and dining room sets, as well as a large inventory of wall décor.

The business saw the passing of its patriarch, Jim Carroll, in 2019, with the desire of his heart to make sure the store would keep going and thriving.

One of the last things he said was "take care of the store." For over 30 years, this was his life; he loved the people and the business. Everyone in town knew "the old guy behind the counter." He would joke and kid with with customers and make them feel right at home. He had his favorites, this was where he wanted to be, right in the big middle of the bustle, Ronnie recalled.

His desire has come true with the store going strong and the customers just as loyal. "I have always loved this place, and I will never stop coming here. I just love looking at all of the beautiful things that they have," said Elvira Ministon, who has been coming to the store for over 10 years. "Shafter is really lucky to have a place like this. It is a part of the city."

Carroll has an inventory that not only has items from the past, but also a variety of things that will fit in any home, be it modern or classic.

Glad Raggs, 208 Central Ave., can be reached at 661-746-2116.


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