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Rev. Preciado bids farewell to St. John's

After three years of serving as pastor for St. John the Evangelist Parish, Rev. Guillermo Preciado is stepping down.

"I want to take a moment to thank God for a year filled with blessings and for allowing me to be with you in this wonderful St. John the Evangelist Parish for three Christmas seasons," Preciado said in a note to his congregation. "With sadness and regret, I announce that effective Wednesday, January 3, I will leave the parish to focus on my health and spiritual growth"

He explained what happened. "Recently, I asked our Reverend Bishop Joseph Brennan to allow me a six-month sabbatical, which he has approved. I have truly enjoyed my time in this Wasco community and with you. I pray he continues to bless and guide you now and throughout your life."

"As I say goodbye to you, I take many beautiful memories and all of you in my heart. I hope our paths will cross again. May the Lord bless you abundantly always. May it all be for the love of God."

A member of the parish, who was not authorized to speak for the church, said there are priests from the area who are helping with scheduled Masses and other events, such as weddings and quinceaneras. The bishop has not appointed a replacement priest to serve the church..


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