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Mobile pet clinic back next week

The City of Wasco, in partnership with SNIP, will hold a free mobile spay and neuter clinic for residents on Friday, Dec. 22.

Earlier this year, the city received a $288,000 grant to hold monthly no-cost spay/neuter clinics for three years, completing an estimated 1,800 surgeries. Recently, it was decided to host the clinics twice a month.

"This will allow people a better time frame to make their appointment, every two weeks versus once a month. It gives everyone a better shot to fit it in their schedule," Director of Public Works Luis Villa said,

He said the primary goal of the clinics is to promote healthier lives for the animals. "And to keep down the pet population and strays running in the streets. Also, to reduce the number of calls to animal control and reduce potential animal bites from strays."

There are also benefits to having your animal spayed or neutered, such as helping to stop pets from needing to roam and preventing accidental litters and other reproductive diseases.

The clinics help save people money they could use on other things. "Spaying and neutering is expensive and costs roughly $125 to $160 depending on the animal's size," Villa said. "Instead, that money can be put back into their household, like to pay for food for their dog or cat or utility bills. A little money helps, especially when you are on a fixed income."

In addition to spaying and neutering for cats and dogs, SNIP will offer the parvo vaccine for $15, the rabies vaccine for $15, microchipping for $25, medication for $10 and licenses for $16.

The clinic will be held from 8a.m. to 12 p.m. in front of the Public Works yard at 801 8th St. One must have an appointment; to schedule one, call 925-788-1763. ID is required to show proof of residency.


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