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Kiwanis Club recognizes some Terrific Kids

The Shafter Kiwanis Club held their monthly Terrific Kids Luncheon, which is designed to spotlight those students from Shafter schools that demonstrate certain character traits that are strived for in the Terrific Kids program.

.The traits included in this program are T (Thoughtful), E(Enthusiastic), R (Respectful), R (Responsible), I (Inclusive), F (Friendly), I (Inquisitive), C (Capable).

The Terrific Kids program has been honoring students for decades, giving them positive

reinforcement for their exhibition of positive character traits at their respective schools.

Teachers from the local schools nominate students who exhibit that trait. Each student receives a certificate, a pencil, bumper sticker and a t-shirt, in addition to the lunch.

This year, the Shafter Kiwanis widened their scope of the program, recognizing students from not only Richland School District, but also from Maple School and GROW Academy. GROW Academy is on break currently, so they did not have anyone participating for this luncheon.

This month, the trait is Enthusiasm, a trait that a lot of people, students or not, could use to harness their success. Teachers and staff nominate students who best exemplify those traits that are being recognized for that month. The Shafter Kiwanis club work tirelessly throughout the year, enriching the lives of the community members of Shafter, especially its youth. This is just one of many things that the Kiwanis club does for the communities that they represent.


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