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Pastor's Corner: Communication

Just as I was beginning this article on communication, I received a text message! I don't need to tell you the many forms of communication that are part of our world today, such as text messaging, email, social media, phones (cell and landlines), etc. Of course, actually having a face-to-face conversation is still the best form of communication.

Good communication is critical for many things, but is especially critical for good relationships. Whenever I do premarital counseling, one of the first topics I discuss with engaged couples is communication and continue to discuss it in every session following. This is a topic that whole books have been written about, but I'm only going ask all of us to consider a few things to think through:

How well do we communicate with others that we care deeply about? If necessary, what might need to change to do better at that?

Do we take time to really listen to others well and then discuss the things that are important to our relationship with them?

Are we taking regular time to read God's Word (communication from Him) and also communicate back to Him in worship and prayer? Do we listen to the Lord as He desires to guide our lives day by day?

These aren't easy questions, but the answers are important to be effective communicators. James 1:19-20 are wise words from a loving God in good communication. Let me encourage all of us to commit them to memory and apply them to our communication skills. We'll all be glad we did!


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