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The sweet smell of success at Candeleria Bakery

Candelaria's Bakery has only been open for a few months, but the business is growing and building a reputation for great pastries and cakes. Owned and operated by Enrique Gonzalez and his wife, Candelaria, Candelaria's is open seven days a week and serves a variety of pastries, cakes and breads.

Gonzalez said that they also make tamales. When we visited, they had pork, beef, and jalapeno and corn varieties. Gonzalez said that this is their first venture into their own business. Gonzalez has experience in grocery store operations, but they jumped in to this business, fulfilling dreams for them both.

Gonzalez said that their bread and cakes are their best sellers right now. "We have cakes for sale at the bakery, and we also sell cakes made to order, for weddings, birthdays and other events," said Gonzalez.

Alicia Munoz, who has been going to the bakery since it opened, said that she just loves the place. "You can't go wrong with anything you buy here. I have tried about every kind of their pastries and have had one of their cakes for a birthday party. It was fantastic."

Candelaria's Bakery, 252 Central Ave., is open seven days a week and can be contacted at 661-292-5055.


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