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Home-grown talent rocks the house

David Armendariz, Jr., known as DJ Nonsense, has brought his talent to the community for five years. He is passionate about music and loves to entertain with his unique style and diversified admiration for many musical genres.

Armendariz plays at festivals, weddings, quinceañeras, baptisms, birthdays and school events, to name a few.

"I have donated my time to many fundraisers for local nonprofits. "That's important to me because, as a DJ, I have a talent, and it's my way of offering help to the different causes I support."

Armendariz has a residency at La Plebada, a restaurant and lounge in downtown Bakersfield, and hosts his own hip-hop shows.

He said his favorite part about his career is being able to control everyone's mood and enhancing their event, bringing joy to people's lives through his music. "And it's a chance for people to have fun and enjoy their celebration. I want to make it memorable for them."

He started off recording for local artists, helping them create their songs and making music for himself.

"I segwayed into DJing because I felt like I had reached a ceiling. I've always been into music, and I realized DJing was what I was supposed to be doing."

He said DJing became natural. "It wasn't something I wanted to do, but I kept doing it, and people started noticing it. It took off from there, and I'm still going."

Armendariz has always been a music fan and, in his younger years, was part of a marching band. His family was also an influence.

"It runs in the family; many also played in bands. My grandfather had a group, and they had a few records in the '70s."

"I would watch him getting ready for his gigs, not realizing I would do the same when I got older."

He plays many types of music. "In the beginning, it was just hip-hop and old school. Eventually, I learned Spanish music, figured it out and learned the theory behind it. Now I play a little of everything like cumbias, reggaeton, corridos and banda."

In English, he plays freestyle, funk, music from the '70s, 80s, '90s, R&B, hip-hop and new age, like house and electric dance.

He said he has a knack for reading people. "You can tell by watching them, even by how they dress, and from their age, I can determine what they might like, and that guides me in selecting music that speaks to them."

It's more than just playing music, he said. "I have to host and bring a personality to the event. That separates me from a lot of the other DJs. because it has to be entertaining, and you have to interact with the crowd to bring the party to life. I'm more of an entertainer than just a DJ."

He said he likes to break DJ rules that everyone else follows. "I think outside of the box, doing things differently. When I DJ, I try to make sure they remember me."

"My goal is to bring energy into the party so people are dancing and excited to be there, making it special for the guest of honor, catering to their needs and hyping it up."

He said music is an integral part of any event. "It sets the tone and dictates how people are supposed to feel in the moment. I want them happy and with a smile on their face."

He plans to DJ for many years to come. "I love what I do and hope to continue bringing great pleasure to people through my art and music."

[BEGIN ITAL]DJ Nonsense serves communities throughout Kern County. He can be contacted at 661-426-3330, or visit his Instagram at AllRawMusic.


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