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Beta Zeta inspires involvement in education

Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Beta Zeta chapter is an organization for active or retired women involved in education. This year, the chapter is celebrating its 74th year.

The Beta Zeta chapter makes a difference in the community by supporting teachers. In the past, they have also given annual grant-in-aid scholarships to college students pursuing a teaching credential, raised money to contribute to the Ronald McDonald House and donated toiletries to the Alliance Against Family Violence, among many other things.

As a chapter, they have also learned about legislative issues important to education. Their mission statement is "Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide."

The chapter is comprised of educators from school districts in Wasco, Shafter, Rio Bravo, Buttonwillow, Lost Hills and Delano.

Karen Linder is the chapter co-president and has been a member since 1991. Her background in education started in teaching at Maricopa for three years and then in Wasco for 29 years at Karl F. Clemens and Teresa Burke Elementary.

She was inspired to be an educator because she always wanted to be one and always enjoyed working with kids.

"I used to play school when I was a child. My father at the time told me that women would either have to be a nurse or teacher, and I preferred to be a teacher."

Linder joined the chapter because it was a highly respectable organization in those days, she said. "You felt like they were holding you in high esteem if you were invited."

"A long-time member invited me, and some of the other teachers convinced me to join. I thought it was a really good organization to inspire other teachers and potential teachers."

Now, the criteria for joining is that a woman be employed as a professional educator or retired from an educational position.

Linder said what she is most passionate about in the organization is the inspiration for others. "As a way to encourage potential teachers to succeed. The idea is to unite women educators in a genuine spiritual fellowship and to keep up with current issues in education."

She loves being a member because of the camaraderie and the fact that they are interested in professional growth, even as retired.

The other chapter co-president is Judy Myers, who has been a member for over 20 years. She taught in Wasco for 36 years.

Myers likes the friendship with the other women in the chapter and says it is a very warm environment. "That and just supporting the teachers and the schools when we can when we see a need for something."

Currently, the chapter has about 40 members. "But we are really wanting to recruit more members. The majority are retired, and we would like to get more women who are still teaching," Myers said.

Linder plans to be a member for many years to come. "It's a wonderful organization to be involved in, and I encourage other women educators to join."

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