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Sequoia Elementary welcomes new teachers

The Richland School District is welcoming three new teachers at Sequoia Elementary School for the coming school year. Superintendent Rosa Romero said that the new teachers come with years of experience and a passion for helping students reach their full potential.

"We are excited to welcome these wonderful teachers to our family," said Romero.

Jill Morrison will be the new principal at Sequoia Elementary School, bringing with her 24 years of educational experience, in a number of positions. She has been a teacher, an academic coach, a coordinator focusing on professional development for the district, and as an assistant principal.

"Throughout my time in education, I've had the privilege of working at title and non title schools, gaining understanding of needs and components very unique to each one."

Morrison is originally from San Gabriel, near Pasadena. She has been married to her husband, Kevin, who is a teacher at Shafter High, for 22 years. "We have five children, two in college, two in high school and one third-grader."

Also new to Sequoia is Wendy Wilson. Wilson has been in education for several years. Wendy has been involved in various forms of education since 1997, when she began her career at Richland Primary School, teaching third grade. Before that, she taught flute lessons all through high school and college.

After having children, Wilson worked in part-time capacity as a music teacher at a small Christian school, but was primarily a stay-at-home mom. She even home-schooled her children for four years. After the kids went back to public school, Wendy volunteered in her children's classrooms and served on PTO committees, including serving as president of the Richland Jr. High PTO for a few years.

In December 2019, Wilson decided to start subbing. There is always a need for credentialed substitute teachers to take long-term assignments, so she was immediately asked to take a third grade class in January of 2020. She spent the past four school years doing long-term substitute teaching, sometimes for three quarters of a school year. Wilson loves to make an impact on students' lives and views teaching the children of Shafter as a ministry. She is excited to return to a full time position.


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