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Pastor's Corner: The perfect father

Father’s Day, like many holidays, gives rise to a lot of mixed emotions. For many, the lack of a loving and involved father or father figure brings a deep sense of loss and insecurity. I stand on the precipice of being fatherless – my precious dad just received a terminal diagnosis, yet I count myself blessed because of his love, support and wise advice over many years.

My heart breaks, not for my coming loss, but for the orphaned generations, who hunger for the security of a caring father. Frequently, even those who have a father physically present in their lives still experience a sense of abandonment because of the many distractions of modern life. How many times have we shared a meal, but not our hearts, with our families because we’re distracted with our cell phones or devices?

A dad is supposed to be his children’s hero. Someone to keep them safe. Someone to imitate and an example to follow. The lack of a healthy and loving “father” relationship has led many to seek heroes and mentors in everything from gangs to action movies, rarely with positive results. And, sadly, it has kept many from a relationship with the one Father who is perfect, the God who created us and loves us unconditionally.

Because we cannot physically see God the Father, we tend to look at our dads to see what He is like. Many are convinced that He does not exist or has no interest in their lives, because their fathers were absent or uninvolved. Others see Him as angry, judgmental or unpredictable, based on their own dad.

Beyond sharing his own deep faith, my father’s example has shown some of what God is like. A hard worker and faithful provider, there was nothing he wouldn’t do to meet our needs. His passion for serving others (mostly with all the great food he loves to cook) has taught me of God’s love and humility. His generous nature (he loves to give small gifts that bring joy) allow me to believe in God’s desire to bless me!

I feel so blessed by my dad! But don’t be jealous. Each of us can be blessed with the perfect Father, who really sees us, who is always available to us and who longs to meet our deepest needs. He sacrificed everything for His love of you, and He is standing patiently with his arms open, just waiting for you.


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