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SHS seniors bid farewell to high school

The seniors walked across the stage at the football stadium as their last official act as Shafter High School students, completing their high school education, moving on to the next stage of their lives.

Principal Russell Shipley welcomed the crowd of students, staff, friends and family to the commencement exercises on Wednesday night. Each student was seen entering the stadium on the new video screen at the football stadium, giving family members a chance to see their graduate on the big screen.

Senior Class President Audrey Chavez spoke at the ceremony, talking about the challenges she and her classmates faced, including wading through the pandemic, getting through online classes and going back to school their junior year, having to learn how to be together again. She also thanked her teachers, her parents and her friends for making these four years so special. "It all seems to go by so fast in the end. Before we knew it, we were receiving our caps and gowns, awaiting those last few days till graduation. Well, the wait is over; we're here, graduation day. I could not be more proud of this year's 2023 graduates."

Kern High School District's David Manriquez spoke on behalf of the district, congratulating the class on their dedication and hard work. "You can reach your dreams. Everything you want is achievable, if you dream it and work for it."

Every year, the Stringham awards are given out to the top four seniors in the class, based on their cumulative GPA for the 10th through 12th grades. This year, there were six students that received awards because there were three students who tied at the top with a perfect 4.5 GPA.

Ranked fourth was Laura Neufeld with a 4.246 GPA. Third in the class was Dafne Corral.

Second in the class was Hailey Castro with a 4.346. Tying at the top of the class were Erik DeJesus Rodriguez, Cassandra Gutierrez and Charlotte Franz.

They all received plaques for the accomplishments.

Another speaker for the evening was Armando Loera. Loera said that this class had a lot of obstacles in their way, but they persevered and met every challenge. "Now we are here on our field ready to graduate and be highschoolers for the last time. Some of us here are more eager to be done with high school than others while some are more prepared to leave. At the end of the day, we all have a general idea of what we want to do. I wish everyone the best of luck with what you are going to do for the last time, Generals Nation, let's ride!"


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