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Pastor's Corner: Honoring our mothers

May is one of those months that sees the weather get warmer, the end of the school year get closer, and we celebrate Mother's Day!

Although not all of us are moms, we certainly all had one at some point in our lives. I know that many of you have lost your moms or realize the days you have together are far less than what have already passed. Let's also admit that we can sometimes take our moms for granted, so perhaps having at least one day per year to honor them, reminds us to do that more often! Let me suggest a few ways to do just that, even though Mother's Day has already passed this year:

Celebrate the memories. Take some time to talk with your mom, siblings or others about the many memories of growing up in the home you did. Some memories may be difficult, but let me encourage you to look for the lessons you learned even in the hard times.

Appreciate the provision. Raising a family is hard work, and moms often sacrifice many of their own preferences and conveniences to provide for their children. Take an inventory of how your mom did that, and learn from her example.

Keep the faith. My mom was the first follower of Jesus on both sides of my family for as many generations that we know of. Her faith and example is continuing to impact four generations as she consistently walks with the Lord. The best way you can honor a godly mother is to be a godly follower of Jesus!

I hope these suggestions will help encourage you to honor your mom throughout the year and get a head start on Mother's Day 2024!


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