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Resurrection celebration at Mannel Park

An Easter service was held at Mannel Park, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, enjoyed by a mix of different denominations that attended.

Kiwanis President Ben Wilson welcomed the crowd to the event, thanking them for attending to celebrate as one.

Randy Toews led the crowd in a hymn before the Scripture reading was done by Pastor Dave Moorehead of New Hope Church.

The message was delivered by Pastor Alejandro Evangelista of New Hope Church. Evangelista spoke about the doubt that Thomas and the disciples had when Jesus was first crucified.

"I was like Thomas growing up. I didn't believe like I do now, didn't know really what to believe."

He said that some people need a personal experience to start erasing that doubt. "When I was younger, my mother was very sick with cancer. One night I prayed for God to heal her or to take her and end her suffering. Within 48 hours, she had passed away. This was a moment in which my faith began to grow."

Evangelista also said that there are so many people that worry about the present day and don't think about any big picture. "There are so many that don't worry about anything but the here and now. They need to see evidence of a bigger picture, a higher power."

Evangelista said that Jesus gave the disciples proof by appearing to them, letting them know that He is still alive. Evangelista also said that everyone can see that proof in their lives if they give Him a chance to help them.

The service was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and is an annual tradition in Shafter, with leaders of several churches coming together.


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