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Frosty King continues to reign in Shafter

Frosty King in Shafter has been reigning over the city with its great food and customer service for over 15 years, with the business weathering storms to stay the course in remaining a staple in the city.

Owner Sammy Ayash has been leading the restaurant in its operations for the entire run. The business had a popular following and then a hiccup when they learned that their previous location where the AmPm is located was being sold. Ayash found a new location a couple of blocks away. "It didn't affect the business, with our great customers following us to the new location."

Looking to broaden their appeal at the new location, he decided to open up a deli at the location as well. Thus, the New York Deli part of the business was born. They serve a variety of meat sandwiches on deli-style bread, made to order.

With the covid-19 pandemic affecting everyone in Shafter, the folks at Frosty King kept the business open as much as possible, with the community supporting the business.

"We came out of the pandemic strong and just keep plugging away, working to keep the community happy," said Ayash. "Shafter has been very good to me and my family. We love the people and the whole community. We hope to be here for many years to come."

Ayash said that they were very fortunate to have such a great customer base that helped them weather the storms that come.

"No matter what happens, you can always count on your loyal customers here in Shafter," said Ayash.

Among their offerings is the fried chicken dinner, as well as one of the best pastrami sandwiches in town. They have also added a few new items, including carne asada fries, which resident Guillermo Sandoval swears by. "I've had a lot of asada fries, but theirs are the best, no doubt."

Whether you are looking for a good old fashioned burger, a chicken dinner, or maybe a deli sandwich made to order, Frosty King still reigns supreme here in Shafter.

Frosty King, 683 Central Valley Hwy. in Shafter, is open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. Phone 661-746-6951.


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