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Cobb leaves a legacy in community

After a nearly two-year battle against cancer, esteemed Wasco Union High School District educator Robert (Rob) Cobb passed peacefully on Saturday morning, surrounded by his loved ones.

Cobb made a tremendous impact on the community – a success story as he worked his way up from teacher, vice principal, principal and assistant superintendent to the superintendent role for Wasco Union High School District. He worked in the district for the last 27 years.

WUHSD Acting Superintendent Kevin Tallon said, "He was a wonderful man of principle and strong character. A great leader in our district and an amazing and devoted family man, someone I admired, not only as an educator but as a husband and father."

Tallon knew Rob since he started his teaching career 23 years ago.

"I worked closely with him as I learned my different roles in administration. He was always a mentor at every step for me.

"Rob was passionate about advocating for students supporting the needs of all of them, both high-achieving students and struggling learners. He cared about career technical education, helping students develop interests and skills aligned with their career aspirations."

His leadership style was thoughtful and caring.

"I will miss getting to work through things with him. The WUHSD family is here for his family in whatever they need, and we are going to support them."

Juan Gallardo also had a special friendship with him for almost 20 years.

"When I bought my house in Wasco, he was my neighbor. His daughters grew up with my daughters. They all went to the same schools and would come over to play. We attended church together. He was part of the swim team, and my family was too. "

Gallardo said he loved surfing and music.

"He liked to put his feet in the sand and water. He also enjoyed his guitar."

Rob had an incredible heart for people, especially for kids.

"There was a calmness about him. He led by example and was a hands-on educator."

Aaron Abshire was a close friend since 1995.

"We were like brothers and raised our first daughter with him and his wife. They started having children, and we were all aunts and uncles to each other's kids. In addition to being friends, it was more like being a family with him. I will miss everything about him."

Mayor Vincent Martinez said of Rob, "He is one of a handful of men I can honestly say I looked up to. A lot of men and women have qualities I admire and respect, but I truly looked up to Rob. He was always thoughtful in his speech, compassionate and willing to take the time to talk to anyone. He was the type of man we should all strive to be."

Rob leaves behind his wife, Keri, and his three daughters Hannah, Grace and Sarah.

Keri shared, "The Cobb family is so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from our family, friends and community over the last two years. You all have helped lighten the load and loved us well. Thank You."

Services for Cobb will be held on March 3 at 2: p.m. at the Wasco High School Auditorium. The public is invited to attend.


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