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Grant funds monthly free spay and neuter clinics

The City of Wasco received a $288,000 SNIP spay/neuter grant from UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program in connection with the California of All Animal Statewide Animal Shelter Assistance Program.

The purpose of the grant is to partner with the SNIP Bus to expand the city's spay/neuter capacity. SNIP Bus will hold no-cost spay/neuter clinics monthly for three years, completing an estimated 1,800 surgeries.

Public Works Director Luis Villa said receiving the grant is amazing.

"This grant will provide much-needed services in our community, and special thanks to our Assistant City Manager Maria Lara for making this happen," Villa said.

Of the grant award, Lara said, "I always tell people the most rewarding part of my job is to see to see these funds utilized and seeing the positive impact your work is doing in the community."

The grant is important as Villa said stray animals are a problem in Wasco.

"We are holding these events to help residents with veterinarian costs and to minimize the stray population."

Other services will be provided, including microchipping (for surgical pets only) for $25, medication for $10 and licenses for $16.

There are benefits to having your animal spayed or neutered, like helping to stop pets from needing to roam and preventing accidental litters and other reproductive diseases.

Villa added the clinics would also help the city's animal shelter by reducing the number of stray animal intake, medical bills and the workload on staff.

The clinics help save people money that they could use on other things.

Lara explained, "To spay and neuter is expensive, and costs roughly $125 to $160 depending on the animal's size. Instead, that money can be put back into their household, like to pay for food for their dog or cat or utility bills. A little money helps, especially when you are on a fixed income."

Villa encourages animal owners in Wasco to spay/neuter their pets.

"This could help your pet avoid some medical conditions and possibly behavioral problems along with living a healthier life that alone should be encouraging."

The first SNIP clinic of 2023 will occur on Feb. 22 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.32 in front of the old courthouse at 810 8th St. and will be by appointment only.

A person must provide identification and bring a utility bill to verify Wasco residency.

After the clinic in February, these events will be held monthly through December 2025. Clinic dates for upcoming events will be determined in the very near future.

To schedule your appointment or for more information, call 925-788-1763 or visit


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