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A fresh perspective joins City Council

Valentin Medina was recently elected to serve as a council member representing District 3. He has strong roots in Wasco and is grateful the community put trust in him to carry out the public service role.

Medina was born in Delano but raised in Wasco and attended local schools. He graduated from the University of California, Davis, in 2012, lived in Bakersfield for a few years, and then moved back to Wasco in 2017.

He said it feels great to have the vote of the people.

Medina has many goals he would like to achieve as a council member. First and foremost is fighting crime in the city.

“I hope to work alongside with rest of the council members and the chief of police, Charlie Fivecoat, to reduce crime in Wasco. That has been my main focus and the reason I ran to be a part of the council," Medina said.

In addition to public safety, the other issue he cares most about is the health and wellness of the community.

"The City of Wasco currently does events related to this, and I am looking forward to getting more residents involved and putting on more of these events."

He said he plans to be active as part of the council considering the questions and concerns of the public.

“I would encourage more residents to attend our City Council meetings so they can share with us what is good and what needs to improve. I know turnout is low, and this is something I want to change."

Medina is passionate about public service and wants to bring back the old Wasco.

"Growing up in the city being a small town, I have seen it change over the years. It used to be a safe community, and families could walk around freely without the threat of crime or homelessness."

He points to the qualities a council member should have and that a key element should include being an effective leader by engaging and keeping active with the community.

“It's not something to add to your resume, but by showing you are there for the right reasons and being accountable, not just talking about change with words but with actual actions.”

When making decisions that will impact the city's interests, he said, “I will wear my citizen hat and consider what the Wasco residents would benefit from the most and what is best for the city.

“Whether that means that there be disagreements among the council at times, I believe healthy discussion is what gets the job done."

When asked about his experience working with other elected officials, he said, “Being a council member is new for me, but I will bring a fresh perspective. I truly feel that being a good public servant involves listening and hearing the community, not only what problems we face but also what they like."

“It is not all about bad; we want to make sure we are recognizing the positive changes that Wasco has seen and where it is going."

He is grateful for the many friends and family that supported him.

“And for the Wasco residents for choosing me to be one of their leaders. I will work hard to be a good representative for them, advocating on their behalf for their best interests."


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