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Charlotte White has new art at Tin Cup

Charlotte White, a local artist who has works in several buildings in Shafter, has two new pieces hanging at the Tin Cup. She created a painting of a field of grape workers in action, invited by the supervisor to watch them working so she could capture their images in paint.

White has a vast experience of different mediums of painting and drawing, including oils, acrylic and watercolor, as well as charcoal drawings.

In her most recent pieces, she gathered issues of The Shafter Press and painted her creations right on the top of the newspaper. It is a unique form of art.

White also teaches art classes at a center in Bakersfield, as well as being a former teacher at the Shafter Modified Correctional Center.

White recently painted a Bakersfield icon, spending a few days sitting at the iconic Luigi's restaurant in Bakersfield. You can see this work as well as many others at her next exhibit, which will be soon in a gallery in Bakersfield.

White also is very interested in getting the Colours Festival to return to Shafter. "I understand that it is a lot of work to put an event like that on, but it would be worth it to get that great event back in town," said White. "I would be willing to help out with the art gallery part of the event. We could have just a small, weekend-long event to start with, concentrating on local artists."

White said that it is very important for the city to support its fine arts, keeping all of the art forms alive in our community and in our next generation.

"I would love to see this wonderful event come back. Let's see if we can get enough people together to make this happen," White said.


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