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Incentive program continues to draw large crowds

United Against Covid-19 (UAC), in partnership with the City of Wasco, sponsored their monthly Covid-19 vaccination clinic. Once again, Wasco residents who were vaccinated received a $50 Visa gift card.

The UAC coalition includes the Dolores Huerta Foundation, South Kern Sol and Lideres Campesinas, organizations that aim to empower underserved communities like Wasco.

Mayor Gilberto Reyna said, "I think these clinics are making a positive difference by increasing the number of vaccinated people in our community."

He added, "Covid cases are starting to increase again. Many people still need their latest vaccination."

Reyna said he started the incentive program to protect against severe illness.

"These clinics make it easy for the community because they are held on a monthly basis on a cycle, and residents can easily access them," Reyna stated. "I am happy to partner with the UAC."

Alexandra Quinta said she had a good experience.

"The service was great, and I didn't have to wait long. I was excited about the gift card. It was a motivating factor and encouraged me to come."

Quinta said she would tell others to get vaccinated.

"We have to keep it from spreading."

Clemente Rodriguez said he appreciated the incentive.

"It really helps. Food and everything else is so expensive."

Arcelia Vadillo came for her booster shot. She brought her husband and two children.

Vadillo said that her family had Covid, and she wanted them to get their latest shot before they got it again. She too was grateful for the gift cards.

"Thank God. It will come in handy in time for Christmas."

Garver Garcia said the process was convenient.

"It's nice that the clinic is on a Sunday. Some people don't have time to go to the pharmacy or another clinic for your vaccine."

He added that when he caught Covid, it wasn't as traumatic because he had the previous vaccines.

Abelina Quintana said that getting vaccinated benefits all of us.

"If all of us felt that way, there wouldn't be as many infected with Covid. It's to protect ourselves."

Jose Luis Baldarrana said it's a great thing for the community.

"I've seen people that have been infected. I don't want to go through what they have been through. I don't want to get sick."

Others said they were there to avoid getting Covid and spreading it to others.

"The safety of my family and friends matters. It seems like each time Covid comes back stronger. Today was my fourth vaccination," Virginia Lopez said.

She added, "Thanks to the City and partners for doing this for the community."

It was a festive occasion, and there was food and music. Organizations were on hand to provide resources and information on how to stay safe.

"I enjoyed the tacos. They were delicious. It was an added bonus," Manuel Carillo said.

Mayor Reyna hopes to continue the incentive program throughout next year.

"I appreciate residents for coming out to get their series of vaccines and showing that they care for themselves and others."


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