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Richland students get an up close look at the world of agriculture

Richland kindergartners had an opportunity last week to get a personal look at the world of agriculture when they took a field trip to the ag farm at Shafter High School.

This was a lot of the students' first time riding on a bus, which made it even more exciting for them. At Shafter High, they were met by high school students, many of them Golden Oak alumni, to tour the farm.

The students were shown several cows and sheep at the farm, as well as pumpkins. They also learned a lot about how agriculture helps get food to their refrigerators and dinner tables. They looked at learned about different plants and crops that are grown, such as garlic, and several vegetables.

Each student was excited to take a pumpkin of their own, able to bring one of the orange gourds home with them.

Students had minimum days due to Parent Teacher conferences that day.

Redwood Elementary also recognized one of their staff, Kelly Skinner. Skinner works with her students, along with her instructional aides, on their specific needs. She is adept at differentiating the support provided to each student. She focuses on phonics skills, reading fluency, comprehension and sentence structure during small groups.

According to administrators and other teachers, the students working with Skinner "are engaged, participating and showing positive growth in their learning goals."


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