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Pastor's Corner: #BetterTogether

When I was in college at Biola University, I remember making a statement to my roommate that went something like this: “I can live out my faith by myself and really don't need others to do that!.” Wow, was I wrong!

In my zeal to live out my faith at that time, I was more "conformed to the pattern of this world" that Paul speaks of in Romans 12:2 and needed to be "transformed by the renewing of my mind" by the Holy Spirit. Essentially, I was thinking more like an American citizen than a citizen of heaven.

I appreciate the many "individual rights" we enjoy as citizens of our nation, but have come to realize, perhaps like you, that we sometimes view our faith more through the lens of our culture when we need to be viewing the culture through the lens of our faith. In a preaching series (#BetterTogether) I did at our church, shortly after the worst of the pandemic, we were all reminded (including me) that we live out our faith better and more Biblically when we live it out together.

The Lord has made us for relationship with Himself, our own selves and with others. Our church family learned and were reminded of why the Lord placed us in a body of believers and not just by ourselves. Let me encourage us all to continue looking for ways to connect with other followers of Jesus so that "together" we may do "better" at growing in our faith!


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