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Cheer team brings energy to each game

The Wasco Bengals cheer team will kick off their season in September. They cheer at all Golden Empire Youth Tackle Football and Cheer League football games in the area, including competitions with Delano, Shafter and Tehachapi teams.

"Our organization is unique because we are a small community, and we see each other as family. The goal is to mold these girls to be the best they can be," Cynthia Torres, cheer representative for the Bengals, said,

She said she loves seeing the girls grow up, with some moving on to cheer for the high school and others in college.

"They are cheerful and spirited. Their smiles and joy mean so much to me."

The cheer team brings fun to each game. They work all year to energize each game.

The teams are composed of girls ages 6-14 with freshman, sophomore, junior varsity and varsity squads. Combined, 140 girls participate.

They work diligently, put in three days of two-hour practices each week, and work with coaches from Wasco High School.

"Some of these coaches have been a part of the Wasco Bengals and return to help train the younger girls," said Torres.

The cheerleaders learn life skills like being on time, teamwork, a positive outlook, responsibility and commitment.

Torres said the best part about the cheer teams is getting to see the girls doing what they love to do.

"I have been doing this for seven years, and just watching them out there giving all they have is very rewarding."

She said some people don't consider cheer a sport, but that's a misconception.

"It is a sport, and our girls are athletes. They put in a lot of effort to perfect their performances and stunts at the games,"Torres said.

The girls develop a strong bond with one another.

"They all want to look sharp, and when a girl is struggling, they help get her to that point where she gains that confidence, so every one of them is on the same level."

Torres said she has gone to football games where there is no cheer team.

"It is not the same thing without the cheerleaders. They play an important role and make each game they cheer for special, bringing the audience alive to motivate the players on the field."

The girls enjoy strong support from the community by coming to the games, showing how much they care for them and helping with fundraisers.

"Money raised is used to buy their uniforms and pay camp fees," she explained.

Torres invited Wasco residents to come out to encourage and celebrate the girls.

"Stay tuned for our official season schedule."


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