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Wasco High School event welcomes parents in anticipation of the new year

Wasco High School hosted its annual Back to School Night this week to give parents and students an opportunity to clearly understand the expectations of teachers and the school as a whole.

Principal Sunni Dobbs welcomed the audience and said she is looking forward to a successful year, but that it could only happen working together.

She also thanked the teachers, because "they are the ones that make the magic happen every day," she said.

Kevin Tallon, acting superintendent, gave a brief presentation on the Title 1 program, a federally funded program for school districts designed to improve disadvantaged students' academic achievement and provide direct instructional support to students.

"It is an exciting night for parents to get to meet their child's teacher, and it's a good chance for them to connect. Parent support is a vital part of the child's education," said Tallon.

Aaron Abshire came with his freshman son, Luke. He said he has had two other daughters that attended WHS and was interested in what the staff had to say.

"It will be interesting to see a new model of education coming back from covid and how education is changing," Abshire said.

Senior Dayana Limon added a student's perspective, "I feel great about the experience for my parents to get more involved, and I am glad they have an opportunity to learn more about my courses," he said.

Laura Garcia Williams, a counselor and department chair, added, "We are happy to see parents here, and we can't thank them enough. I really think that the parents showing up are setting an example for their children about the importance of education."

Another staff member, Jeanette Mercado, a career technical educational and early college coordinator, was there to share information about her programs designed for students to start taking college degree credits and learn professional development.

"My goal is to get 100% of WHS students enrolled by taking as many classes as possible in hopes of graduating with an AA [associate of arts] college degree or as many credits they can earn at no cost to them," said Mercado.

"It is a great way for them to get a taste of the different industries."

Roger Lopez was there with his freshman daughter. Khloe Lopez said, "It feels good because I get to show my parents my teachers so they can learn about what I do in school."

Teacher Ms. Stoffels thought seeing parents and teachers back on campus was nice.

"I like to be able to take their questions and address their concerns."

Junior Priscilla Raya said of the best part of her parent's visit, "I think it's awesome that they get an insight about our daily life in high school.

Another student, Leila Marin, said, "It's fun because we get to come out here and show our parents our achievements."

Teacher Mrs. Dansby said, "It is important to meet students and parents because it is the first line of communication. I always learn more about my students when they come with their parents or guardians."

All in all, it was an opportunity for parents to get a first-hand look from their child's perspective going from class to class and set the tone for the upcoming year.

"This will help teachers better serve their students by communicating expectations to parents/guardians and partnering with them to provide the appropriate support to their students," said Principal Dobbs.


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