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Pageant brings out the best

The 2022 Miss Wasco Rose Queen will be selected at the high school auditorium on Thursday, Sept. 8. The Tribune has been profiling the candidates each week. Earlier articles appear on the web site at A limited number of tickets are available, can can be purchased on the official Rose Queen Instagram page or from any contestant, and at the door if any are left.

The Miss Wasco Rose Queen contestants have been working hard preparing for the upcoming pageant to ensure the event is special and memorable for all. Four of these contestants are Nevaeh Snow, Makenna Gebhardt, Sabrina Miramontes and Daniela Ruiz.

These young ladies are outstanding Wasco High School students with extraordinary accomplishments in sports, academics, community service and extracurricular activities.

Neveah Snow is one of these shining examples.

She brings passion and vibrant energy to the pageant with her many scholastic recognitions and enthusiasm for life.

Her parents are Jaira and Louie Rodriguez and Alvie Snow. Her escort is Colby Clark, and her sponsor is Westside Family Fellowship.

She is excited about the Miss Wasco Rose Queen pageant because she can't wait to show her family and friends the effort she and the other contestants have put into this year's pageant.

Her intentions for the role of queen are noble.

"As Miss Wasco Rose Queen, I would look forward to being a positive role model to the younger girls of the community just as the previous queens were to me," said Snow.

She believes she would be a good representative as queen because it is very important for her to have the utmost integrity, be responsible, show kindness and be a good leader.

"I believe these qualities are an essential part of life and standards I actively work towards," said Snow. "It would be an honor and a dream come true to positively impact and serve my hometown of Wasco and its residents."

Snow is a varsity cheerleader and has been actively involved as an ASB publicity manager, member of the California Scholarship Federation, FFA and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

In her academics, she has received Wonderful Academic recognition each semester.

She enjoys dancing, cheerleading, music and traveling.

"Cheering, dancing and practicing music have given me a fun and artistic outlet that has empowered me to express myself," said Snow.

Makenna Gebhardt similarly contributes much experience and excitement to the pageant.

Her parents are Christopher and Melody Gebhardt. The Wasco Bengals are sponsoring her, and her escort is Izaiah Juarez.

She said the pageant is something she has looked forward to since she was a young girl.

Gebhardt works diligently in school and has a 4.67 GPA. She is an honor roll and National Society of High School Scholars member.

She is a junior varsity Bengals cheerleading coach and swim lessons instructor and likes working with youth.

"Teaching swim lessons brings joy to my heart because I love to work with the little kids and provide them with an important life skill," said Gebhardt.

She said she truly believes children are little lights in life and enjoys the light they bring to hers.

Gebhardt has lived in Wasco her entire life. She said while there are many things about this town that she loves, her favorite is the family-like community.

"Most people complain about living in small towns, but I think that is what makes Wasco special," said Gebhardt. "Everyone knows everyone here, and there is something very comforting about that."

She said the people in this community are always there for each other and willing to help, no matter the circumstance.

"I am very close with my own family, but living in this town makes it feel like I have two," said Gebhardt.

For the talent component, she will perform a tumbling routine. The routine will include a choreographed dance with tumbling passes throughout.

"From the ages of 7-13, I was a competitive gymnast. I got to travel all over and compete with other gymnasts from other areas and won many awards," said Gebhardt.

Daniel Ruiz is another exemplary contestant.

Her parents' names are Sergio and Laura Ruiz, and the Knights of Columbus is her sponsor. Her escort is Alex Cervantes.

She said she is excited about the pageant because she has worked hard all summer.

"It is all coming together and makes me happy. This feels so unreal, and I can not wait to put on an amazing show," said Ruiz.

She believes she would make a great queen because she is responsible and committed to all she does.

If selected as queen, she would want to get her community involved with events and encourage them to participate in many ways.

"Most importantly, to just have fun because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," said Ruiz.

She has a 4.0 GPA and plans to attend California State University at Sacramento or Monterey Bay to major in nursing.

"I hope to become a nurse practitioner in the future," Ruiz said.

She said she has many qualities that would make her a successful representative for Wasco, including being bilingual.

"This is an amazing quality because many people in Wasco speak just Spanish," said Ruiz. "I want to be considerate and think of everyone in Wasco, considering Spanish was my first language, so I know how hard it can sometimes be."

Ruiz participates in varsity cheer and is active in the California Scholarship Federation, Tiger Link Crew, junior class as publicity manager, cheerleading club and FFA.

She is also a Bengals cheer coach, which has cultivated her leadership skills.

Wasco holds a special place in her heart.

"From the day I was born till now, I have lived in Wasco, and it's been nothing but great memories here," said Ruiz. "In Wasco, I said my first words, took my first steps, rode a bike and learned many more things growing up."

Another contestant, Sabrina Miramontes, will also sparkle on stage because of her dedication and commitment to being her best possible self.

Her parents' names are Javier and Cecilia Miramontes. Wasco Lady Elks is her sponsor, and her escort is Chris Mendoza.

If chosen, she will look forward to being able to meet new people in the community and make a positive impact on others' lives.

"I would make a good representative as Miss Wasco Rose Queen because I will treat everyone with kindness and ensure my actions represent Wasco well," said Miramontes.

She is a superb student with a 4.0 GPA. Her dream college is Cal State Monterey Bay because she said it has a good psychology program, which is the subject she intends to study.

"I hope to go all the way to my masters degree," said Miramontes. "My career goal is to go into either a counseling or on-site therapist position for schools along with owning my own practice for teens and children."

She has participated in junior varsity softball and is currently on the varsity cheer team. She is also an active member of the Tiger Link Crew, FFA, and the California Scholarship Federation and serves as the Fellowship of Christian Tigers' president.

Her philosophy is always to treat people with kindness.

"You never know what someone is going through, so I believe people should use their words and actions to help raise spirits rather than drag spirits," said Miramonte.

She strives to have the mindset to always to push herself even if something is challenging.

"I also carry myself in the way my faith would want me to. I use multiple scriptures to guide me through life," said Miramontes. "The word tells me to do unto others what I would want done to me."


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