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Shafter receives $2.5M grant from San Joaquin Valley Air District

The San Joaquin Valley Air District has approved a $2.5 million grant for improvements in Shafter, focused on a cleaner air environment, as well as improvements in the safety of the residents.

Included in the plans for the grant money are projects that will create bike lanes and improve the safety of the shoulders along Highway 43 in the North Shafter area, as well as the area known as the La Colonia in Shafter, resulting in a safer environment for residents and its children.

Although we are very thankful for the reduction in PM2.5 that this project will have in our community, the safety that this can bring to our community will be valued so much now and in the future," said Lynnda Martin, Shafter CSC member.

The city has already approved projects that will give the residents a park in the North Shafter encouraging a safe environment for the children to play, as well as an improvement in the air quality for the area.

Mayor Cathy Prout served on the AB617 Steering Committee that was formed to help reduce emissions in the air in the San Joaquin Valley, specifically the Shafter area. The committee created a master plan that will help reduce emissions in the area and will also give the businesses a choice for a greener way to operate, including swapping old gas-powered machinery with new electric equipment that would reduce emissions in the air.

"This grant will go a long way in improving the quality of life in Shafter, including the air quality, as well as the safety of its residents," Prout said.

Also as part of the grant, the existing public transit vehicles will be replaced with electric or hybrid vehicles at a cost of approximately $400,000.


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